Getting Creative With 3x6 Glass Subway Tiles


Traditionally most 3x6 glass tiles are installed in a subway pattern or stacked in a grid pattern. I love both of these looks. Subway patterns are timeless and traditional, while stacking them gives them a very clean, contemporary feeling. While walking around Vancouver I often find myself admiring the complicated patterns brick layers use on the boulevards and walk ways. I see everything from the classic subway pattern, to sophisticated basket weaves, running bonds, and herringbone patterns.

After installing tile for several years before getting into the world of tile design I came to realize that a lot of tile manufacturers don`t make these sophisticated patterns an option when installing their tile. Simply, a lot of them forgot about the grout lines! When you take subway tiles and cut them exactly 3 inches by 6 inches it limits what you can do. When you start patterning you`ll soon find your grout line starting to run away on you. You need to have room for the spacer. 

When we cut our 3x6 tiles we take the grout lines into consideration. No matter what way you lay your pattern, the grout lines will always line up with use of a 3mm spacer. This gives you a huge number of patterning options. Not only that, but your tile setters life is going to be a lot easier when working with difficult installations such as herring bone pattern.  

We'll post some patterning ideas soon! In the mean time take a look at the photo below for some ideas! We carry our 3x6 glass tiles in 8 great colors. Click here to visit our online store. . 

In this photo we have placed 3mm spacers in all the joints to show how everything lines up

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