3x6 Glass Subway Tile Patterns

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After posting yesterdays blog article about patterning with 3x6 subway tiles I decided to go the distance today. I spent the morning putting together some classic patterns that hopefully will provide some inspiration for your next tile installation. I mentioned yesterday the importance of cutting glass tiles to the right dimensions in order to open up patterning options to our customers. I think todays posting will show you what I mean. 

If a 3x6 is not cut with grout lines taken into consideration your pattern options are limited. However, cut them just right and presto! We`ve got options. 

Let`s take a look at some patterning ideas. Rather than making diagrams I decided to lay some tile with spacers so you can see how everything comes together.

Herringbone Pattern

This is one of my favorites! It has a very classic look. It takes a little more time to install as there`s a fair bit of cutting involved, but it`s well worth it in the end!


Subway Pattern

This is a classic with a twist. You`ll notice I offset the pattern to the right rather than placing the grout lines dead center. I`ve noticed this has been a trend lately and I like it. 


Basket Weave 1

A nice easy to lay pattern that doesn`t take too much thinking. 


Basket Weave 2

A twist on Basket Weave 1. Again, fairly easy to install without a lot cutting and thinking.


Stack Bond

This is a nice clean look that is getting more popular with builders and homeowners. It has a nice clean, contemporary feel to it that fits well in modern home design. 


Running Bond

This is a very cool pattern that would look great on a feature wall. The tiles continue to circle growing larger and larger as you tile away from the center. 

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  • Posted on by Kian Mohajer

    I love the offset classic pattern and will be using this design for my kitchen backsplash.

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