Glass Subway Tile and Mosaic Combinations


3x6 Glass Subway Tile and Mosaic Combinations

Glass subway tile has been a hugely popular choice with home owners looking to add some bling factor to their kitchen backsplash or bathroom renovation project over the past 4 or 5 years. One of the nice features of glass is it's reflective quality. It can brighten up the dullest rooms. We now have over 20 different colours available in 3x6 glass subway tiles. We've added 10 pencil trim color options to start and will be growing this collection slowly. 

Adding a touch of color:
When working with busy granite countertops it's often not a great idea to go with a complex mosaic over the whole wall. The busy colour pattern in the mosaic often clashes with the granite. Sticking with a solid color looks good, but sometime it's nice to add an accent strip to tie in other elements of the room like wall or furniture colors. 

Snow White 3x6 Glass Subway Tile and Vegas Random Strip Mosaic Combination

This is my kitchen in a condo I lived in previously. I wanted to fix the place up a bit before selling it so in went a new backsplash. It was a dark space as the kitchen  was far from any windows. We went with snow white as the main subway tile and added a small 2 inch strip of Vegas random strip mosaic to add a pop of color. It has a nice balanced look and doesn't fight with the countertop. 

A few simple ideas to work with:

Here's a  few subway tile/mosaic combination we think look great together...

Infinity 3x6 and Rip Curl Subway Mosaic Combo
The main subway tile is our Infinity 3x6, mixed with our rip curl subway mosaic tile. We carry matching pencil trim. The white also looks good with this combination. This would be a nice tile mix for a tub surround or walk in shower!

Snow White 3x6 and Bliss Midnight Random Strip Mosaic Tile Combo
This is an attractive neutral combination that includes our snow white 3x6 glass subway tile and bliss random strip mosaic. Midnight can also be purchased in a small 5/8" x 5/8" square mosaic blend. This would look really nice in a kitchen with an accent above the stove made out of the mosaic. The pencil trim can be used to create a nice border around the accent. 

Ice Age 3x6 and Arabesque Mosaic Tile Combos
Here's two examples of how you could combine our subway tile with our arabesque mosaics. I mentioned in a previous arabesque blog article that customers are often mixing our arabesque tiles together to make a stunning mosaic accent above your stove top! The first photo includes ice age and snow white. In the second photo we have the taupe arabesque to this mix for a little more color variation. 


Seafoam 3x6 and Ice Age, Snow White, and Seafoam Arabesque Mosaic Tiles
This is one of my favourite combos we did today! The primary tile is our Seafoam 3x6 glass subway tile combined with a blend of snow white, ice age, and seafoam arabesque. Wouldn't this look killer in a bathroom? 

These are some ideas to get you started! We hope you like them. 

Colin Wharton
Rocky Point Tile

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