Mix and Match Arabesque Glass Mosaic Tiles


Arabesque Glass Mosaic Tiles

Arabesque patterns are everywhere these days! Curtain, rugs, towels, you name it! I bet you can't get more than 30 feet inside a home decor store without seeing it on something! And, why not? It looks beautiful! Tile is no exception to the rule. It's a complex shape, but it's easy on the eyes and has a nice balanced look when patterned over a wall.

5 years ago I was an overseas trip looking for new tile ideas. After spending hours walking around from store to store seeing the same old stuff, I walked into a small tile showroom specializing in stainless steel mosaics. Oddly, they had a large wall in their showroom patterned in a glass arabesque tile pattern! The minute I saw it I fell in love! As soon as we had the chance we started making arrangements to get this into our store ASAP. We started with 6 colors and now have 14 different colors to choose from. Arabesque mosaics have to be made with a special water jet cutter. The machines cut the glass using a high velocity and pressure jet of water that could cut through even the strongest metals. It's a slow process, but it creates beautiful results. 

We currently offer them in solid colored mosaics at this time, but a lot of our customers are mixing colors to create beautiful accents in their kitchen backsplash. Here's a great example of a mix of white, cool grays, and ocean colored greens and blues. We also carry most of these products in matching pencil trims and glass subway tiles. This gives you the option to use a solid colored subway tile as the main tile in the kitchen backsplash, and then create a stunning accent above the stove! You could also do the same thing in a walk in shower! The wow factor will be off the hook. 

Mix and match color to create show stopping accents!

We have a solid collection of colors available ranging from cool whites to warm grays and a few in between. Each tile is 6 1/4" tall x 5 1/4" wide. They're priced at only $24.99 USD per square foot, and that includes free shipping! Click here to see our collection. 

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Taupe Arabesque Mosaic Tiles

Jasper Arabesque Mosaic Tiles

Seafoam Arabesque Mosaic Tiles

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