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Shower and Bathroom Tiles

Choosing a bathroom tile can be deeply personal for a lot of us. After all, most of either make a dash for the coffee machine or the shower first thing in the morning! It's a space that you get to put your personal touch on during the design process! Some of us like a traditional classic feel such as a marble tile themed bathroom, or something more bright and tropical! Either way, there's nothing I enjoy more than a blank canvas where I can let my creative energy flow!

Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic tiles are back in a big way! They are cost effective and the design options are endless. Consider something like our zellige tiles as an option for your bathroom walls! These are the latest trend in wall tile. Bright fun colors combined with old school appeal make these an easy choice.

Marble Tiles: What can I say about marble! It's a timeless classic that never goes out of style. Consider using a 3x6 marble tile combined with a cool accent like our arabesque marble tiles. We also carry chair rails and pencil trims for a finished look!

Glass Tiles: Glass is a great choice for shower walls with the endless choice of bright and vivid colors it's hard to go wrong! Consider using a white 4x12 glass subway tile combined with a bright mosaic accent like our rip curl mosaic tiles. This is a popular combo that just screams tropical fun! 

No matter what you are looking for we have you covered! We're happy to help with design advise. Feel free to call us toll free at 1 866 466 0555 Mon to Fri from 9am to 4pm PST for assistance from our helpful team.