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Who doesn’t love mosaic tiles?! They’re easy to use, available in almost every conceivable color and material, not to mention they look great with any style of decor.

Mosaic tiles are easy to install as well. As they can be laid out in nearly any way, mosaic tiles can redefine the appearance of any space they’re installed in making them very versatile.

They make an ideal bathroom backsplash for use around mirrors, sinks, or any other hardware you’d like to frame in a modern way. Equally fitting when used as a kitchen backsplash, mosaic tiles are very easy to clean and keep sanitary which makes them a perfect fit for rooms where sanitation is of the utmost concern. Using glass mosaic tiles in your backsplash can also help with cleanliness as glass tiles are resistant to stains, mold, mildew, and wipe clean with very minimal effort as they aren’t a porous material so allergens and dust have no cracks or crevices to settle into.

Mosaic glass tiles can bring a sheen, in addition to their texture and colors, creating layers of visual interest in any room they are applied to. Glass tiles also happen to reflect rather than absorb light so that they bring a lightness and luminous radiance to the rooms they’re installed in. Mosaic tiles can be arranged in simple and elegant patterns or intricate designs. Combined with the shine and sheen that come from glass tiles, mosaic tiles can create a feeling of spaciousness in any room, especially when combined with well-positioned lighting.

Mosiac tiles can be utilized to create a mural, shape in a selection of wall space, or used as an accent tile. You can bring an air of modernity to your space by incorporating mosaic tiles of various shapes such as arabesque mosaic tiles or penny round tiles as your backsplash tile. Mosiac tiles made of unique materials, such as mother of pearl or metal, bring a unique feature and inject personality into the space as well.

One of the best things about mosaic tiles is the flexibility they provide in interior design. Available in an array of shapes, such as penny round tiles and arabesque mosaic tiles; sizes, such as strip mosaic tiles; materials, such as mother of pearl or metal mosaic tiles; and colors, they can be combined with a multitude of materials in the rest of your decor scheme.

Choosing the perfect glass mosaic tile for your space can be difficult—we know! If you need any assistance in measuring or matching your decor, get in touch with our online tile outlet. We’re just a click away!