Mother of Pearl Tile

If you’re looking for something that’s more elegant, beautiful, and sophisticated, you’ll find all of that and more in our Mother of Pearl Tiles. These tiles look beautiful and delicate but they are the farthest thing from delicate. Mother of Pearl tiles are made of mollusk shell lining from freshwater oysters. These tiles can take as much as, or potentially more, wear and tear than other tile materials. Easy to clean, durable and versatile, there is no area that mother of pearl mosaic tiles don’t fit into. They can be used in showers or kitchen backsplashes though they add an air of elegance and luxury when combined with beautiful bathroom decor. Mother of pearl tiles can also be cut into various shapes and styles so that they can be used in any space and laid out in any pattern. As pearl is iridescent, it gives off an unmatched sheen bringing a golden, glowing light into the space the tile is used in. 

When you’re looking to incorporate a unique tile into your space, the options can be endless! Our team is happy to help you make any color, shape, or style selections based on your decor, so give us a call!