Lume 2"x 9" Glazed Porcelain Subway Tiles - Glossy Greige

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Lume Series is a perfectly imperfect tile that will add focus and character to your next renovation! An aged and distressed high gloss finish with a cleaner edge than similar tiles such as our zellige 5x5's. You'll love these tiles as mush as we do once you get them in your hands!

This tile includes varying shades of gray. It has a nice warmth to it!

Please note, we send out one sample swatch. Expect a lot of colour movement in this tile as that is part of it's charm! Please refer to photos for a better idea of what to expect in terms of color range. 

Weight: 0.64/ per piece
Series: Lume
Color Detail: Varying shades of warm gray
Thickness: 10 mm
Dimensions: 2.25" x 9 3/8" Subway Tiles
Variation Rating: V4 significant color variation from tile to tile
Recommended Application: Shower Wall, Steam Wall, Fireplace Wall, Light Commercial Wall, Medium Commercial Wall, Heavy Commercial Wall, Indoor Wall, Frost Resistance, Residential Flooring
Water Absorption: <.5%
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Minimum Order Requirement: 10 square feet

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Lume 2"x 9" Glazed Porcelain Subway Tiles - Glossy Greige
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