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Stainless Steel Mosaic Tiles and Aluminum Mosaic Tiles

When you’re looking to add some tile to a backsplash but are looking for something more unique than your standard glass, ceramic, or porcelain tile—look no further than our collection of
Stainless Steel and Metal Mosaic Tiles!

Metal mosaic tiles have a very unique and distinct appearance. They add visual interest in the room that is unparalleled by any other tile material. As metal is reflective, they work very well as a kitchen backsplash. They create the illusion of space in any room they’re incorporated in by reflecting light and the reflection of the room surrounding it. As they reflect the room they’re in, they end up matching any and every color as the metal takes on the appearance of the hues around it.

Not only do they look great, but metal tiles are also quite durable, especially our aluminum mosaic tiles. Because these tiles are so durable and long-lasting, they show virtually no wear and tear and clean up extremely easy. Basically, anything that would get onto your metal tile backsplash could be simply wiped off with water. They are especially great in the kitchen as metal tiles resist stains and grease making clean up faster and easier—and who doesn’t want that!?