Cutting glass tile is not difficult when you have a few tools to help you along! If you are somewhat handy you should be able to do this. However, we always recommend hiring an installer for a professional installation.

Basic straight cuts can be accomplished with the following tools…

Carbide Wheel Tile Nippers or a Carbide Tile Cutter Straight Edge such as a ruler Measuring Tape Sharpie Marker for marking your cuts Rubbing Stone for sanding your cuts

Using a Wet Saw

When working with bigger tiles like subway tiles or larger mosaics you are going to need to use a wet saw to accomplish L shaped cuts. You’ll run into these types of cuts when butting into cabinets or plug outlets.

If you are installing glass tiles you will need to buy a glass cutting diamond blade. Trying to cut glass with any other blade is not going to go well and may end up causing rough edges that do not look good. Your local building supply store should carry a home owner grade glass blade for around $45.00. You don’t need to buy an expensive professional blade if you are only going to use it for one or two small jobs.

Make sure to keep your water reservoir full so that you are getting a consistent stream of water spraying on the tile as it passes through the saw blade. This will keep the tile cool and help to avoid chipping.

Finally, let the saw do the cutting! You don’t want to force the tile through the blade. It will either get jammed up or cause chipping. This is especially true when working with glass. Glass is a lot denser than other materials and will take a little longer to cut than ceramics or stone.

Follow these tips and cutting should go very well for you!



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