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Glass Subway Tile, A Timeless Classic

If ever there was a story of versatility and history, it’s the origin story of subway tiles. From hailing a cab, to a Yankees game, to foldable pizza slices, New York is home to some of the most famous and iconic experiences in the world, but its a lesser known fact that New York is
also home to one of North America’s favorite design elements: the subway tile.

In 1904, designers George C. Heins and Christopher Grant La Farge were finishing the design for New York’s very first station of the brand-new subway transport system when they had their eureka moment: 3x6 subway tiles!

Being in the Victorian age, hygiene and cleanliness were of the utmost concern. The advantage of these tiles was that they didn’t stain, were easy to keep clean, and easy to maintain when they did need cleaning. It was such an unexpected finishing touch to the subway walls that, like any other new idea, people were quick to snap it up and incorporate it into their own kitchens and bathrooms. One of the most remarkable things about subway tiles is that they have maintained their popularity and inclusion in home decor for over 100 years! Which means that, should you choose to incorporate glass subway tiles into your space, you’ll be able to achieve a timeless yet modern feel in the room. Subway tiles, also because of their long and rich history, are able to complement just about any design style.

Nowadays, glass subway tile is often used for interiors rather than the ceramic ones of the first subway station as glass can elevate this design element to an even more sophisticated look with its sleek and shiny finish, creating visual interest in a space. They also come in different sizes so if you’re into laying them in a herringbone or other pattern—the sky is the limit with subway tiles! 

Subway tiles complement any space done in any different style. They also come in quite a few different colors that allow it to match any color palette—allowing it to maintain its status as a perennial favorite for generations of designers and homeowners alike.

As a kitchen backsplash, it can add personality and intrigue. As a bathroom tile, glass subway tiles can make bathrooms feel clean and spacious.

Our subway tiles come in over 15 colors which allows you to incorporate this practical and aesthetic design component into any decor. It has also created an alternative and cost-effective alternative to brick or stone. These tiles are also heat-resistant, low maintenance and very easy to clean making them a perfect addition as a kitchen or bathroom tile backsplash. For a more custom look check out our custom glass tile collection available in 36 great color options!

Typically, pencil trim is utilized to finish subway tiles.  If you’re looking to add interest into your subway tiles or add an extra layer to their room, opt to combine a patterned tile with subway tiles separated by pencil trim as well.

Glass subway tiles are low-maintenance and easy to clean while being quirky and stylish. A perfect fit for a bathroom or kitchen backsplash, the effect of subway tiles hasn’t diminished for over 100 years—allowing it to compliment designs ranging from farmhouse to modern.

We’re well-versed in the difficulty in choosing the perfect size and color of glass subway tiles for your space. We’re happy to help with measuring or making a color choice so get in touch with our online tile outlet!