Sheep's Wool Beige 3x6 Glass Subway Tiles

$17.99 $6.49
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A nice neutral light beige perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. It looks great on it's own or it can be combined with our Manhattan Taupe, Beach Brown, or Seaside glass tiles. Our Santa Rosa 10 mm linear mosaics also include Sheep's Wool for a coordinated accent. This color is also available in our linear glass tiles, and 4x12 glass subway tiles. 


1 Sq Ft: $15.99
3" x 6" Sample: $6.49
Dimensions: 151mm x 74mm x 8mm (3" x 6")
Weight: 3.8 LBS/ Sq Ft
Finish: High Gloss
Sq Ft/Piece: .125 
Free Shipping: Samples and orders of 10 sq ft or more

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